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    Meph's Mouse System - Plug-in Selectable Windows

    Intented to be a plugin of my Mouse system, now as a Stand-Alone, this script allow you to use the mouse to control the windows.

    Work with horizontal and Vertical Selectable types of window and also with the arrows for vertical windows that need to display more content.


    This Script uses the FenixFyreX Input System, just because at the moment is the best Input System out there, easy to control and because already included the cursor sprite by default.

    What is the difference between this and other systems out there??... I don't know, Just want to share it with you ;)


    - Works as a Charm

    - Just Plug n' Play


    No Required, Make a test in your Game.

    How to Use
    You will need FenixFyreX Input and Cursor Sprite Add-on, you can get it here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/34073-fyxinput/#entry334373

    Just copy and paste the script as usual, below that and above main.

    By the Moment...No


    Q: Why arrows and not Scrolling Wheel?
    A: Well, This System was made for my game, so I wanted the arrows, but maybe i'll add the wheel for moving the contents..

    Q: Are you working in a mouse system?
    A: Yes!, But it's a little green by now, I'm Looking for a good pathfinding script, if you know any system that rocks, tell me.. 

    Q: Are you going to release the system?

    A: Yes, but as i said, it's green, I need to check and add more great functions!!.

    Credit and Thanks
    - Made by MephistoX, Thats me.

    - The most important part was made by FenyxFyre, So Credits to him. (Awesome system by the way).

    Author's Notes
    Please, Test and tell me about the bugs that you found!.

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