[RGSS3] Scene Interpreter + Event Animations - Picture Erase Error

Discussion in 'RGSSx Script Support' started by ZirconStorms, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Script 1: http://himeworks.com/2013/03/scene-interpreter/
    Script 2: http://himeworks.com/2014/11/scene-event-animations/

    Context: Using this to display a picture + some extra animations right at the start of a scene, and want it to be disposed of once return_scene (exiting the scene) is performed, and the player goes back to the map screen. Currently, I'm using 2 common events for this - first one set up with def start, second one added before SceneManager.return, in return_scene.

    Current issue I'm experiencing is that the "erase picture" + "move picture" method doesn't work at all for that second command Other commands like flash, show text, etc. work fine with that last common event. Any ideas on how I could dispose this picture when exiting the scene and returning to Scene_Map?*

    *Note: I know you could make a graphic bitmap for this scene instead of the common event, but there's effects that I would like to add beyond that, and it's more convenient to create the intended effects through this common event method.

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