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Dec 22, 2018
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Good Morning / Day / Afternoon / Evening everyone.

I have a request for a your support on a snippet I found online. I hope i'm not breaking any rules posting this here as I realy would like your help.

Now. This snippet allows for damage pop up in all enemies simultaneously

Maybe there is a problem with the code, but when I have this script on, while it does it's intended purpose it also causes a bit of a glitch:

in the default battle system, before a battler takes action the graphic flashes in white. For some reason, when it's the battler's first action in a turn, the battler does NOT flash at all before taking the action. I want this to be in the battle system. Is there a way to edit the above code so this can be fixed?

please note: FOR SOME REASON THIS FOR THE MOST PART HAPPENS IN THE FIRST ACTION, REGARDLESS OF WHICH BATTLER. The flash does NOT occur, but when it's the turn of a next battler, the flash does occur.

In conjunction with this, I am using AKEA's advanced battle popup, and Galv battlers. I appreciate any support you can give me.

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