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Mar 13, 2012
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In an effort to pair down to an initial, completable project, I'm considering something that's a hybrid of a top-down action RPG like the original legend of zelda with turn-based combat like the original dragon quest.

Looking for feedback on what could go right or wrong with the following.

The player will control a single protagonist as s/he explores dungeons and defeats the dungeon bosses.

Dungeons will include:
  • Visible enemies that initiate combat on collision
  • Traps that move and collide with the player, dealing damage or inflicting a negative state
  • Switch puzzles
  • Block push puzzles
  • "Bombable" walls and hidden paths
  • At least 1 treasure chest with new equipment
  • A mini boss (occasionally optional)
  • A dungeon boss (defeating it is the goal of the dungeon)
  • Mysterious old folks chilling out in random rooms and handing out advice
The protagonist gains new skills by equipping the treasures looted from the dungeon. The player has the option to have up to 4 active skills and multiple passive skills based on the tools, armor, and accessories the hero has equipped.

Combat will be turn-based and pit the protagonist against 1-4 enemies in a modified front view battle. Victory is achieved by having the right combination of equipment to mitigate enemy damage and maximize player damage. Often this involves hitting enemies with the right tool to weaken them and deprive them of a turn or seal part of their move set.

An attempt will be made to keep mob battles 2-4 rounds long. Anything longer and the player likely has the wrong tools or is doing something else horribly wrong.


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