RMMV Attack Damage Visuals (Effective/Weak/Colors)


Apr 29, 2020
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During battles, when I attack, the appropriate amount of damage appears on my monsters as a white number (and I believe the number may briefly flash white/red if it's a critical hit, but that's irrelevant here). Is there any way for any additional damage-information to appear when the white damage number appears? Specifically, I'd like the player to receive some sort of visual notification when using an attack that's particularly strong/effective against a monster (so that the player knows that that attack was a smart decision).

For example, if fire enemies are weak against water attacks, I'd like an additional word or color-change for the damage number to appear when the player uses a water attack on a fire monster, as opposed to any other attack. Currently, the only difference that's seen is that the damage number will be higher for a water attack than for a different attack (like seeing 150 instead of 100), but can I make it, say, a green number instead of white, if the attack is super-effective? And/Or, can I make the word "Weakness!" also pop up when the damage number pops up, if the attack exploits a weakness? Any sort of additional flare or visual to separate a particularly good decision from a standard decision, when attacking a monster, is what I'm looking for.

Thank you!

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