RMMV causing Segfault in libQt5Gui.so.5

Discussion in 'Tech Support-All Makers' started by TheFunksterDeluxe, Oct 20, 2019.

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    RMMV v1.6.1 on a Steam deployment
    Linux Mint 19.1

    If I leave RMMV up and screen goes to power saving, I return and when I interact with RMMV (click save icon for instance), the SegFault gets logged and the RMMV editor crashes.

    [Timestamp] RPG Maker MV[]: segfault at X ip HEX error 4 in libQt5Gui.so.5[MoarHex]

    Running natively, not over compatibility (WINE backend) mode.

    Apologies if this is posted to the wrong place & any troubleshooting ideas are most appreciated. Thanks

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