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Apr 22, 2012
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Okay, First things First:

I have had trouble finding answers for this.

What I have

Node.js server running - Able to connect to local SQL server. Able to Run Select Insert and other queries.
SQL Server 2012 - I have SQL server 2012 running and can successfully retrieve and manipulate the data through node.js
Windows Server 2016 - I have a test server running with Server 2016 that I can successfully run the game on.

If it helps, I am able to get all 3 of this running on 1 Server. Server has 4 cores and 12 gb ram, I plan to allocate 4gb to SQL.

What I need

A way for the game running on the 2016 server to run commands through node.


I plan to keep this simple right now.

I want a bulletin board that pulls a random line from a table in a sql database.
After viewing the text, the player can choose to input a message of their own.
This adds it to the database with th

Table setup:

2 columns (plan on making it three):

-add later: Player Name

ID is numeric and always increments when a new line is inserted.
I plan to run a select statement, and return random text (Later Player Name)

For right now I just need help getting the game setup (Or just random javascript code I can run) so that this bulletin board can run the select statement to pull the text.

Please let me know if you need me to explain anything further in depth.

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