Mar 23, 2012
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Tutorial Title: Campfire Event System for RPG Maker MZ

Brief description: This is beginners only tutorial for ppl who wants to create camfire system ingame.

Requirements: RPG Maker MZ only, does not use any script/plugin!

Tutorial body:
It can be used in your game, free or commercial to create camfire system.
Gather some wood and use matches to set a fire where you want! Then use the campfire to roast food or camp for the night. You can also put down the fire if you want to continue the adventure... You can also use matches to lit the fire in fireplace (and can roast there, too). Contains a sample game with campfire system, where events are commented to let you know how it works and how to use it. It doesn't need any custom scripts/plugins, just default engine! It also contain additional icons (matches,campfire,roasted meat and fish) and camfire charset to use in your game for free.

Tags: campfire, system, eventing, beginner, tutorial

Tutorial can be found HERE.

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