Feb 17, 2021
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Hi everyone~

Resource Type: Tilesets

Maker Format: MZ/MV (can use if no MZ available which is understandable, they are the same resolution anyway)

Art Style: Ideally, I'd like something akin to Gutty Kreun's work done for VX Ace (but of course mine would be for MZ/MV). Otherwise, as long as it's a relatively similar style (bright, someone retro inspired) then I'm okay with it.

Description: I am making a game that takes place in Seoul, South Korea, so I am looking for various modern/city tilesets to use in it. I am okay with Japanese tilesets as well since Japanese and Korean (present-day) cities look similar enough that I can use walls/roofs interchangeably with no problem. Obviously, signs or anything with written language would ideally be totally in Korean, though! I don't need anyone to make me anything just yet (although if you're willing to then by all means let me know), so it's okay if you just happen to know where some resources are online (free/paid) and can link me to them.

Something to note is that Korean cities aren't usually super...colorful. At least, the walls and roofs aren't. Signs will more than likely be suuuuper neon and visually stick out, but otherwise there's a lot of white and gray with occasional brown/red brick. You'll see more in the reference images below.

Reference Images:
Photo 1 (Skyline/Aerial)
Photo 2 (Skyline/Aerial)
Photo 3 (Street)
Photo 4 (Street)

Thanks for all the help!~

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