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Nov 14, 2020
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Hello Maker! Thanks for stopping to read my post.
The following happens: I understand that the Tilesets in RPG Maker XP are 256x sizes ???
Whatever you want long, and each tile is 32x32.
The problem is that I downloaded some resources, they were not at 256, but at 96. I opened Photoshop, I converted it to 256 wide and when exporting it to the XP editor the Tiles were cut or merged, that is, they are not 32 by 32.
The only solution is to build Tile resources by Tile? That is, open the resource that interests you, cut, let's say a sign to 32x32 and copy it to another 256xYYY image?
Can you do Parallax in XP? Well, it is easier to do the whole map in PS and just add it as an image.
Thank you! I add image of the resource that I used as Tileset (But it is not the only one in which I have had this problem) Sorry about my English, I'm using a translator.



Apr 22, 2013
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Hi there!

What you downloaded looks like it might have been a preview for a tileset, and scaling it up was a good idea! But as you can see they're quite blurry, and yes--might not fit quite right on the grid. I do usually build my tilesets one square a time, on a template with the grid squares so that I can make sure everything lines up the way I expect it to.

The good news is--the tileset you're looking at is actually made up of three tilesets from the RTP, and would be very easy to recreate in the correct size! Open up the Resource Manager, go into the Tilesets folder, find "001-Grassland01" (it will be the first of the tilesets with a blue icon next to it) and click Export. Do the same with 002-Woods01, 003-Forest01, and 035-Ruins01. Then, all you should need to do is paste them end to end in PS, or your graphics program of choice.

The tilesets should all export with a teal-colored background, so seeing where one ends and you should paste the next should be pretty straightforward. Then import your new tileset as usual!

As far as Parallax mapping goes, I think it's a bit different than how later engines handle it, but DantonSlip has a tutorial on how to do something similar!

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