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Apr 7, 2016
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: Discover a modern open world where animals have mutated due to a past nuclear war. With your dog by your side, learn new skills and phychic abilities to defeat hostile animals and alien invaders in order to save your friends and family.

Story : After a meteor crashes nearby, you begin to have strange dreams of your friends disappearing. As you awaken from your slumber, inanimate objects come to life and attack your family. After rescuing your mother and sister, you hear a knock from a friend named Charles who informs you your three best friends are missing! As you embark on your journey to find your missing friends, you take your trusted pet dog and explore nearby caves and cities.

Features :

- A turn-based battle system where the Player character can score a first strike by tagging their foe undetected causing a green swirl to appear before the battle initiates. If a foe tags the Player character's side or backside, then that foe will gain the first strike causing a red swirl to appear. If both the Player character and foe tag one another while both facing eachother, then no first strike is given followed by a blue swirl before battle.

- A 120 day/night/time system with 4 seasons.

- Dynamic music on exterior cells based on what season it is and if it's day or night.

- Player character equipment changes based on what apparel they have equipped.

- 35 quests complete with a quest journal.

- 30 portals to different worlds that open on unique days.

- 5 Dungeons with dynamic lighting, the last being optional which you unlock after completing the first 4.

- 3 classes to choose from and 4 additional characters to add to your party as you progress and save your friends.

- Over 45 unique animated enemies with 433 variants each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

- Learn over 60 skills and phychic abilities.

- Discover 130 clothes, badges and hats as well as 113 different weapons.

- Over 130 consumable and key items.

- 2 playable arcade minigames with prizes for the high score.

- Plant and harvest 4 different crops that can boost stamina and overall run distance when consumed as well as a Harvest Festival in Rogue Port at the end of each month complete with prizes.

- Navigate easily in and out of dungeons with a map that you can sell at anytime and disable.

- Animated battlebackgrounds

- Custom Font

Screenshots :
screen 1.png screen 2.png screen 3.png screen 4.png screen 5.png

Trailer :

Playable Demo

Full Version :
Credits :
Project Management by EncryptedKnight
Scripts :
Animated Enemy Sprites by Rhyme
Blade Rush Title Screen by Nio Kasgami
Dash Stamina by Yami
Proximity Detection by V.M. of D.T.
Ace Core, Ace Battle, Visual Battlers, Cast Animations, Enemy HP Bars, Command Equip by Yanfly
Scrolling Description Text by Xypher
Light Effects, Pixel Movement by Khas
Battleback by Moghunter
Expanded Actor Menu by Mr. Trivel
Quest Journal by Modern Algebra
Fullscreen++ v2.0 by Zeus81
Lune Ultimate Anti-Lag by Raizen
Steamworks Achievements in Ruby by Cyanic
Music and Sound :
A Moments Peace by Cwglassmusic
Aisle 3 by Cwglassmusic
All Aboard by Cwglassmusic
Avenues by Cwglassmusic
Big Win by Cwglassmusic
Braving the Ascent by Cwglassmusic
Bullet Steps by Cwglassmusic
Cold Forest by Cwglassmusic
Dirty Puddles by Cwglassmusic
Desecrated by Cwglassmusic
EB Love by Cwglassmusic
Fancy Footwork by Cwglassmusic
Fever Dream by Cwglassmusic
Forest Stones by Cwglassmusic
Fort Song by Cwglassmusic
GaiaBound by Cwglassmusic
House of Storms by Cwglassmusic
Jocularity by Cwglassmusic
Jovial Stranger by Cwglassmusic
Madam May by Cwglassmusic
Movement for Morning by Cwglassmusic
Moving Shadows by Cwglassmusic
MWC Spring Theme by Cwglassmusic
MWC Spring Theme Night by Cwglassmusic
MWC Summer Theme by Cwglassmusic
MWC Summer Night Theme by Cwglassmusic
MWC Autumn Theme by Cwglassmusic
MWC Autumn Theme Night by Cwglassmusic
MWC Winter Theme by Cwglassmusic
MWC Winter Night Theme by Cwglassmusic
Nest of Mutation by Cwglassmusic
Night Grass by Cwglassmusic
No Right Choices by Cwglassmusic
Old Basements by Cwglassmusic
Old School Arcade by Cwglassmusic
Oppressive Laughter by Cwglassmusic
Pneumatic Nausea by Cwglassmusic
Reflex Runner by Cwglassmusic
Small Town Shuffle by Cwglassmusic
Speedy Sprouts by Cwglassmusic
The Engineer's Dream by Cwglassmusic
Toe Tapper by Cwglassmusic
Welcome Home! by Cwglassmusic
Within The Flow by Cwglassmusic
Forever Bleeding Eternal Nightmares by Kain Vinosec
Sweeping Fight by Kain Vinosec
Face Evil by Kain Vinosec
The Creepiest Little Tune Ever by Kain Vinosec
Klockwork by Intelligentsia
Anchorage by Intelligentsia
Venturer by Intelligentsia
Needless Violence by Intelligentsia
Warlord by Intelligentsia
Apparition by Intelligentsia
Wanderer by Intelligentsia
Off Limits by Intelligentsia
Steamworks Achievements by Cyanic
Sounds Effects by Cwglassmusic and Enterbrain, Inc.
Core Engine, RPG Maker VX Ace : Enterbrain, Inc.

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