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Mar 19, 2013
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This is a very simple plugin that will allow you to assign 'extra' required weapons to any Skill in the database.

Note: By default, MV only allows a single weapon type to be assigned to a weapon. So, without a plugin that adds extra weapon types, such as my Extra Weapon Types plugin, this plugin is essentially useless.

This plugin will not replace the default required weapon assigned to a skill. Without one, this plugin will do nothing.

It will only allow for skills that have been set to require at least ONE Weapon Type, to require one or more additional types.


Knowing your Weapon Types:


Setting a skill to require both a Staff & that Staff to have Dragon Magic.


Making sure the weapon has the Extra Weapon Types.


Will now allow this Staff to qualify the actor to use the skill above.



But not the Spark skill that has been set to require Human Magic!


You'll notice that BOTH SPELLS are assigned the Staff Weapon Requirement. It is the addition of another weapon type, that is disabling one spell and allowing the other!

Terms of Use:

No... I changed my mind. You can't use it. Just ADMIRE it. Soooo useful!!

Oh... Seriously?

Do what you want with it!

I only ask (though do not require) that you mention me in your credits.

(Yes, this means you can use it in a Commercial project!)

Known Compatibility Issues:

None that I am aware of! (This may change)

Installation & Use:

Add this plugin (name it whatever you like, it has no parameters) under my other plugin Extra Weapon Types. Which you should be using otherwise this plugin is kind of pointless!

Then add this note tag to a skill to require additional weapon types: <required wtypes: wtypeID, wtypeID, etc...>

Example: <required wtypes: 8> (Will add wType 8 as an additional requirement to either of the regularly assigned requirements.)
Example: <required wtypes: 8,7> (Will add wType 8 and 7 as additional requirements to either of the regularly assigned requirements.)

Note: The added required weapon types are applied to EITHER of the normally assigned required weapons. However, only ONE needs to be assigned.

Thats it!

The Plugin.

View attachment RD_RequiredWeaponTypes.js
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RK DracoRoy

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Jun 29, 2017
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This was the kind of the plugin I was looking for! However, I don't think I'll need the extra enemy weapon types plugin.

I only use this to grey out the "Attack" command whenever an actor isn't equipped with any weapon, which really solves my needs for a Fire Emblem like game.

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