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RolePlay Capital
Roleplay capital was originally just for me to DM some DnD. It has transformed into a place where people who want to be DMs can come to my server and create their own RP, and those who want to just RP has choices all in one place.

In-Depth Character Creation
It's a MMO-version of DnD that takes place in a world called Xutovia. It has it's own lore that was built from the ground up with regions and places you can explore. The game grows with the players, so therefore, the lore will just keep growing endlessly as long as there are players.

Now, unlike most MMOs, there is no "meta" class or "meta" play style. There are counters to everything.

Races(you may create your own)

There are over 20 different races, and you may create your own. This mostly only effects role-playing aspects of the game as races don't have innate effects.

Variety of weapons (can add your own)
Unlike Race, weapon types (i.e. lance, warhammer, longsword) have various effects. As of the making of this post, there are over 20 different weapons to choose from.

Variety of armors
Armors don't have innate effects but instead has a much wider variety of effects and enchantments than weapons.

Leveling system
There is stamina/mana (something not in classic DnD). Max level is 40 instead of 20 and the max for stats is also 40 instead of 20.

In-Depth Skill System
There are over 100 skills/spells to choose from, and the list is continuously growing. After you reach a certain level, you'll be able to make your own spells/skills.

Social rank system
Mind you, you don't have to participate in any of these as you have the freedom to not to partake in being a King/Queen or Duke/Duchess. The DnD Glory Trailer at the bottom of this post talks about it a bit.
7 Ranks in the social ladder (Top/Strongest => Bottom/Weakest)
  • Emperor
  • King
  • ArchDuke
  • Duke
  • Archnoble
  • Noble
  • Regular

When you level up, you unlock eligibility for the above statuses, but you can totally avoid and not take part. There will be in-game conflicts, heroes, and villains. You may forge alliances with other npcs/players along with forging rivals. Higher the position, higher the reward, but higher the risk. Realistic elections, propaganda, battles, and wars from between two people to between two regions.

Your reputation increases as you do quest when your deeds echo throughout the lands of Xutovia (the planet).

You have the alignments of Good, Neutral, and Evil which plays a role in your gameplay (such as becoming a King in an evil or good city or persuading someone who is good to do something bad). This is by alignment points (aka reputation points). When you make an action, you gain alignment points in the alignment which the action falls under.

You have a hand in the world you live in
Your choices have an effect on what happens in the future. You can change the environment for the better or for the worse. You can turn anything small into a big RP. The player decides how far and how wide their gameplay will be.

Player-oriented Plot System
There is no “main” plot, as plots are player-based. As you play, the DM creates the plots. The good thing about this is you’ll never feel the need to grind to get where you want.

Destiny Plot System
It is also player-based, but done differently. It is actually the main part of the game. You will gain destinies at random times. You will be notified when you get one, but you won’t know what the quest is nor will you know how it will end. The DM will guide you by placing a sequence of events in front of you so you can eventually fulfill the destiny you were given. This way, you don’t have to worry about not fulfilling a destiny because of something minor like picking the wrong choice down the line.

The content of the Destiny is based on how you play and what type of character you play. So you won’t have to worry about a Destiny being out of character.

For the first few levels, permadeath is not active as I will be teaching you how to play. Once I have been thorough enough, I will turn Permadeath on for your character. Escaping from battles are allowed, there are many survival tools at your disposal (shops, armories, etc), and in the event you do "die", you get to fight a spiritual being (who scales by your level) for a last chance to live once more.

When you are actually dead, you can create another character or just replay your own character again (but all the equipment, gold, EXP, REP, and past identity will be erased).

Evolving Narrative
When you really are dead, time still goes on. So if you fail to defeat a neighboring Kingdom, there is a chance, when you create another character, that the kingdom you once ruled is now owned by the kingdom that defeated you. Additionally, if your character dies, and you decide to play another character, depending on how reputable you were before, people may mention or recall your old character from time to time.

Dice-Based gameplay
A selection of actions are done by the dice. Whether it’s a hit or miss dependent on the dice roll. For example, your base hit rate is 75%. I roll an 100-sided die; if it is greater than 25, hit; between 95 – 100, critical; and below 25 is a miss. Since this is on discord, no need to buy a 100-sided die as the computer will roll it for you.

DnD gameplay/sessions will be announced in advance. You do NOT have to stay for the entire session/gameplay.

DnD: VRU RP Official Trailer

DnD: VRU RP Glory Trailer

DnD: VRU RP Doom Enemy Reveal Trailer

Similar to the above, but it's not a MMO-style DnD. It's the more classic-style DnD where it's a group of people going on campaigns.

Character Creation

It's the same as the MMO DnD. Same skills, weapons, armors, etc (by the wishes of the players).

Decepticons and Autobots have fought for eons. Decepticons wanting to rid the corrupt caste government with genocidal force while the autobots sought to end the corruption through less destructive means. After the death of both Megatron and Prime along with the constant warnings from Archivist, Decepticons and Autobots decided to end the war, and coexist under the condition both sides gets a say in the new government.

This was convenient considering soon after, Dark Energon started appearing on Cybertron. The Council of Primes have decided to form groups to go across Cybertron and hunt down this threat. Increasing security already known dark energon sites and increasing alertness to any Dark Energon activity.

Character Creation

You can create your own custom transformer (and choose whether they are autobot or decepticons) and choose it's own vehicle form. It sort of has a spectrum between thin and bulky. Has multiple different combinations you can choose from, and you can create more than one (but can only play one at a time).

You get base stats depending on your body build (Scout, Speeder, Built, or Titan) and Vehicle (Airborne, Car, Truck, or Tank). You can then specialize in some stats to further make your transformer a bit unique.

There are a variety of weapons. Starting gun choices are basic shotgun, automatic rifle, semi-automatic, and a sniper rifle. Starting weapon choices are single-hand, two-handed, and shields.

Custom Skill System
You create your own normal attack skill along with other special skills that'll be on cooldowns unlike your normal attack.

Combat System
It's a team-setting tactical strategy combat system. There are various stats that helps with various things making it nice to combine the skills of yourself and others.

This game does use dice (a 100-sided one) like DnD

Transformers: Chaos RP Official Trailer

It starts in 1910. You pick what country you want to roleplay and you receive that country. You regulate the country, but you cannot contradict major events (so you’ll need to know the history of the country you decide to pick).

Link to Roleplay Capital:

When you get on, DM me (my name will be Lord Vectra). If I don't respond immediately, I'm probably busy/sleep and will get to you ASAP.


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