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    How do I add/take away roll modifiers from my variables? (Gamble advantages and disadvantages)

    I.E. : 1 ~ 100 roll

    I need to roll over 25 to win but I need a +10 modifier to increase my chances. :p
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    Use the mathematical operations inside the control variable command

    I suggest searching for the "variables guide" tutorial to learn how to use variables
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    What @Andar told you is right, you just can not understand what he says, because you need to know first about variables and stuff.

    If you PMed me to just get an answer, without trying things yourself, I assure you it will not work always. I do not reply on fundamental questions.

    Of course, in this case, because it is a complex issue, I will spend time to give you a solution.

    A variable guide is what I will suggest you to study too.

    It is really highly suggested to learn basic stuff first, before attempting doing complex things.

    I will give you a solution but if you can not understand what I say, you should learn first about how to use "Control Variables" and what you can do with it and "Conditional Branch" at least.

    If you already know how to use these stuff, go on and read.

    If not, read @Andar's tutorials.

    Press Spoiler Show button to read the solution.

    Control Variables and set two variables to 0 as seen below.

    RandomNumber = 0

    RandomFinal = 0

    Control Variables: Set the variable named RandomNumber with a Random number from 1 To 100. So far so good.

    Now let's say you got a variable named Modifier (+10 or -20 or whatever you want that has been set from before).

    Now you have to control the last variable RandomFinal.

    RandomFinal = add RandomNumber

    RandomFinal = add Modifier

    We need a random number that should stay in range 1 to 100 no matter what.

    A roll of 7 with a modifier -10 will result -3 thus it will not do.

    A roll of 99 with a Modifier +7 will result 106 thus it will not do either.

    How can we prevent that from happening on RandomFinal variable?

    Conditional Branch:

    IF RandomFinal < 1 Then

    RandomFinal = 1

    End Conditional Branch

    Conditional Branch:

    IF RandomFinal > 100 Then

    RandomFinal = 100

    End Conditional Branch

    Thus you get an algorithm that will return you a number from 1 to 100, using the modifier, without it being broken. Hopefully.

    Then and only after this algorithm you can check RandomFinal if it is above 25 to win or else to lose using conditional branch.
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    I've moved this thread to VX Ace Support. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.

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