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    So, over time I've made some resources, nothing major just some edits mostly. I figured I'd share them here, in case anybody else wants/can find a use for them. Some of these are intended to go with specific facesets/charsets that had no matching charset/faceset so I made one. I take no credit for these characters in those cases, I merely made a faceset or sprite to go with it. I'll link back to the original resources so you can find them and also to give the creator's proper credit. Hopefully this is alright, I apologize if it's not. This is kinda new to me, posting resources, so let me know if anything needs correcting!

    First off I made a couple of sprites matching Fayforest's original faces. There's a blond-haired girl with glasses whom I have unofficially dubbed Alicia, a security guard/SWAT officer, and a ninja boy and geisha-looking lady. The security guard was made using resources by AceHangman on Steam, which can be found here:

    Also I made the ninja boy and security guard using an edit I made of a surgical mask by Kingdom Rise and Fall.

    Fayforest's faces and other resources can be found here:

    Alicia Spriteset.png
    Geisha Woman Spriteset.png
    $Security Troops.png
    I also made a custom Inside B edit of the RTP and two winking eyes (again, using RTP and editing). I may post more later if I'm not too lazy. Enjoy!

    P.S. Oh yeah I also made this face shadow like the kind you see in anime. You can put it on a sprite:

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