RPG Maker 2003 How to make an encyclopedia/bestiary?


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Apr 19, 2019
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I want to make an encyclopedia or something similar for my game but I don't really know how. Is there a way to do it with events or is there a plugin that helps me with this?

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Dec 4, 2016
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A bestiary or encyclopedia always seemed like an ambitious thing to me, but I think it would be possible. You could make the encyclopedia split up into multiple items to make it not take a colossal amount of time to go through (Kingdom Hearts sort of did this). But you could also have a location (maybe even an item that teleports you to that location) to make the organization of this information even more quick. But in general, you will need to show a picture and then either show text with it, or have text in the picture that you painstakingly drew or scaled down from a text program. I believe Microsoft word can put pictures in-line with text efficiently so you could use that before down-sizing.

About having the itemized encyclopedia... You will need to set an item to "Switch" and make a global event that uses that switch and is set to parallel process. You don't want to use autorun because it will only process the event once per map instance probably. The event should turn the switch back off when it is done so that the book doesn't keep popping up and it seems the best point to place this is at the first choice given to start looking through the data.

And for the teleport to an information room idea... I don't know how you would make it teleport you back to where you were when you are done... Maybe you can get event ID to save it in a variable on each transfer event of every map, but that would obviously take up a lot of time and care.

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