Rpg Maker 2003 v1.12 -- What are you creating?

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    So, recently RPG Maker 2003 got what must probably be the biggest update in the history of RPG maker, or at least one of the biggest -- extended picture functionality in so many ways, all of which are officially unprecedented, and even some of which haven't been well emulated even by unnoficial patches!

    This opens the door to a whole new era of Rpg Maker 2003 programming, as displaying information stored in variables is so much easier now. With variable referencing, spritesheets and animated pictures, things that would take literally thousands of lines of code (such as custom item menus) can be done in under a hundred with clever variable referencing (which was impossible, as previously referencing picture IDs with variables was unavailable to us)

    With this on hand, what sort of exciting systems are you envisioning on RM2k3?
    Also, which RM2k3 games impressed you technically with their eventing prowess? One of my favourite RM2k3 games is absolutely Helen's Mysterious Castle.

    With its thrillingly dynamic, yet simple battle system, i think it must've been one of the most polished things I've seen on RPG maker or even overall. From the way the menu opened to the equipment uprade system, to the way Helen's hair flutters in the wind when she runs, there's this charm and overwhelming polish that went on the game's visual, gameplay and specifically technical departments. It's hard to pinpoint but well executed event systems have a deliberate "crunch" to them that's hard to replicate.

    Another impressive RM2k3 game was this attempt at a 2D remake of FFVII

    Nailed down the "crunch" of the original PS1 title to every minor detail, other than for the 2D map / battle graphics you couldn't tell its another version of the game at all -- a true testament to RM2k3's power way before this update ever came to light.

    I could cite many more mindblowing examples of event programming on 2k3 but it'd drag this thread too long. Rather, I'll show what i've been planning and working on this new version of 2k3 so far -- by all means share your stuff too!

    This is a Dungeon Crawling boardgame -- your party of three manages their resources through dungeons while fighting hideous monsters and scavenging randomized loot.

    It's still all very early, but I had such ease coding whatever little I have (the GUI and the base to the map system) that it's extremely motivating.

    A mockup of the status screen. I'm keeping everything simple and engaging in this game, so there's only one level for the whole party, all stats cap at 99 (including HP).
    The equipment system is extremely simple as well, taking inspiration from FFMQ and roguelikes alike -- You can't keep weapons in your inventory, so whenever you acquire a new equipment you have to choose whether you will substitute your current one for it or discard it. That is extremely simple to code, yet gives me room to do something fun -- random, modifiable equipment.
    The "equipment" is really a set of ten variables per character, 5 for each piece of equipment -- The type (whether it's a mythril, wood or diamond sword, for instance) the power (which adds +1 dmg per point to weapons, and +1 hp per point to armors) and the Abilities, which are three distinct numbers telling which passive abilities said piece of equipment posesses. They can range from finding extra gold to dealing extra damage when low in HP to all sorts of crazy effects.

    Now since it's just a set of variables, it makes it REALLY simple for I to just _change_ the variables whenever I want. So for instance, I can have a blacksmith that upgrades the character's equipment, or a "blessing" and "curse" tile that adds properties to your equipment, or a monster that rusts your weapon by diminishing its Power, the possibilities are really endless.

    See, that's the fun of doing a system from scratch. You remove everything from it until it's just barebones -- then when you add things back you're free to add them on new ways that feel fun to you!

    For the battle system I'm going to leap onto the fact RM2k3 now has animated pictures, and have enemies and allies both have a single idle animation and more forwards and back when attacking / taking damage. I could go all out and program tens of animations for each character but that's time ineficcient for whats basically a small game, so nope.
    Still, the possibilities brought by the new picture functions allow us to do many more interesting things, such as animating projectiles by moving an animated picture through a chain of move events (creating smooth, complex movements), moving pictures behind enemies for elaborate spell animations and a plethora of other things. The only thing I feel could add more to what's already a ridiculously good picture system is picture stretching, especially if it allows me to manipulate the picture in a polygon-like manner. it'd allow for SUPER impressive pseudo-3D battle systems. Perhaps it could become a possibility if y'all create amazing things with the current version of 2k3 already?

    The other idea I had is an Arcana inspired first person dungeon crawler. It is surprisingly feasible and what troubles me on making it, however, is just the visual part. By assigning regions to your tiles, you can check the region of the tiles on a cone in front of the player and then render pictures representing each of those tiles separately. Say region 1 is the "passable" region? Then the pictures ending with 001 will be transparent. Region 2 is the wood wall? pictures ending with 002 will be of the brick wall location, and so forth. By using regions and animated spritesheets, you can easily do the rotation and walk animations as well, although I can't say for sure without testing it and sadly I don't have the time to draw such tiles right now, perhaps eventually.

    Several things I mentioned on this post were already doable before the patch, but were just made really easier now. That's deciding factor on whether I will sink hours into a project or not, hahah

    So that's it!!!
    I'm eager to see what you guys've been up to! <3 <3 <3 <3
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    I wouldn't mind getting this battle system revamped so the loading times would be a lot less stressful. X___X;;;;
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