RPG MAKER for Ipad pro/air?


Dec 11, 2020
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Hello! I'm new to RPG maker! I love this program because it makes game development more accessible than EVER!
It feels like it would be perfect for the iPad!

Now, hear me out, I don't know how difficult it is to port this program to the iPad and I know about RPG creator, it's just that iPad has a lot of potentials, it has a magic keyboard with a touchpad, very powerful processer! if my 4 year old laptop can run it then the newest greatest iPad pro can too!
iPad has a bigger screen than smartphones too, it's easier to fit the UI.

1-RPG Maker will be the most accessible game engine EVER! (You don't need a laptop/PC)
2-New community members coming from the iPad. (People who don't have a laptop/PC)

1-Probably difficult to port.

I don't know anything about making and porting programs, it might even be impossible to port it over to the ipad.
But I would like to hear your thoughts on this idea, Is it even possible?
If the RPG maker team is reading, I would like to know if this is possible, if it is, when are we going to see this happening?
2021? 2022? 2025? which version? MV? MZ? VERSION DESIGNED FOR IPAD?
Thanks for reading!

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