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Feb 26, 2022
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Hello once again!
It's nearing 24 hours since release, so I thought I would go over the video's performance so far.

At the time of writing, the video has received 77 views. I need to wait a couple days in order to see retention statistics, so I'm not sure how well the video has held people's attention so far.
The video's impression click through rate (that's the rate of Youtube users clicking on the video when the video is presented to the user) has been rising steadily over the course of the day, starting at 2.3%, and currently sits at a whopping 4%. My channel's average is around 1.8 - 2.2%, so even this morning it was out-performing most of my videos. At 4% it is now in the "high end" of most "Successful Youtubers" average, where most successful channels see 3 - 5%
Surprisingly, most of my viewership comes from within the Youtube website, and NOT from the RPG Maker forums, with 53% coming from Youtube browse functionality, 36% coming from this forum, and the remaining percentage from miscellaneous traffic sources (such as direct sharing of the link through email or PM)
The most common search term used that has lead to my video showing up for users is (go figure) "rpg maker" with a massive lead over any other search term. (With "rpgmaker" in second place, followed by "bad rpg maker games" and "lisa the painful" tied for the same place)
What a lot of these stats show me is that I am correct about "RPG Maker" as a topic seems to be performing pretty well on Youtube (that 4% click through rate I think is evidence of that). This gives me hope that, while it might not be a huge, 1mil view viral hit, relative to my typical viewership I think this video is on it's way to seeing massive success (key phrase; relative to my typical viewership). It even out performed my previous "big video" in which I reviewed the TEFL.org and their shady business practices (whom later attempted to DMCA my review in an effort to silence my review - and the only reason I am brining this up is because I'm not gonna let it go; they took my $250, offered a poor service, I reviewed it, and then they tried take my money and get rid of my voice) But never mind TEFL, they're not related to RPG Maker or even game making.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the results!
There have been some problems that have cropped up since releasing the video.
Firstly, a warning to anyone who decides to watch the video and check the comments: Throughout the day, I received 4 spam comments. Thankfully they are not the current common type of spam prevalent on Youtube where someone attempts to impersonate a channel in order to fool users into a scam, however, these comments may be nefarious yet. Often these comments leave utter gibberish. From what I understand (and this is unconfirmed), these are real people's accounts that have been compromised. I don't know fully how it works, but I believe these gibberish comments are attempting to compromise other people's accounts as well; in short: do not interact with these comments at all! Do not like, comment, or even click on the user name if you see one. Just ignore it. I've done my best to clean them up as they appear, but obviously I can't watch my comments 24/7.

Secondly, the video was copyright claimed :hsad: This doesn't really affect me much since my channel is not eligible for monetization anyways, however, it does mean that now there are ads on the video - but of course those ads pay the copyright holder, not me.
In all honesty, when I heard the J-POP in Twilight Memoria's trailer, I assumed it would likely trigger the content ID system since many Japanese companies seem pretty trigger happy with registering their stuff to the content ID system (take it from me, I use to regularly review anime a long time ago and had to jump through insane hoops just to prevent a video from getting copyright claimed - back in the day I did have monetization before Youtube changed the rules for eligibility).

However, it turns out that the music used in the Fifefer Island trailer must have been from a stock library purchased by the dev, and due to that, the distributor of the music, Epidemic Sound, likely registers all of their music with the content ID system to prevent Youtube channels from "pirating" the music and using it in their video without the proper license.
In my opinion, anyone who is developing games; please do what you can to prevent the risk of a Youtube channel losing monetization when covering your game. We've seen what Let's Plays and streamers can do for the success of a game. If your music is going to remove a youtube channel's monetization, they are not likely going to play your game, so you are only hurting your own success. When using stock libraries, you should check to see if their music has been registered with the Content ID system. A quick and dirty method of checking this is to simply upload a private video of the sound you wish to use and wait a few hours. If it gets hit with a content match: I would recommend not using the song. Typically, you can also contact the distributor and ask them if they register their music with the Content ID system.
That's all for now. If there are any other interesting changes in the stats I'll update you. Anyways, thank you, once again, for your support. Take care of yourself.

little less than 3 days, a small report I'd like to give on it's stats now:
Impression Click Through Rate has increased more, now surpassing the "Successful Youtube Channel" average, going on to 6.8%! I wonder if it will continue to rise?
Secondly: Retention data has now come in.
It has an average retention rate of 5.3% - which is pretty low (though still better than most of my videos), and that likely comes down to "clickbait is only as good as the content", in other words, the spicy thumbnail and title are great for impression click through, but the editing and presentation is probably on the "lacking" side, and therefore is not as appealing for retaining long term viewership.
Fun fact: after the majority drop off in viewership at the start of the video, the next most viewed section is during @lianderson 's Wooden Ocean. I hope it translated into at least a sale or two for you :LZSsmile:
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