"RPG Maker MV heroes VS Undertale" project...?


Sep 17, 2013
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I was an RPG Maker XP user pretty much ever since it came out, but in 2018, I felt it was too outdated and decided to move on to MV. I also played Undertale at around the same time.

Now... It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I have jealousy issues when I see a game that is VERY good (Like Undertale) - It shatters my confidence in my game-making skills.

So, when I created my very first RMMV project, I ended up taking my jealousy out on it xD

The result:
A silly "game" where a default RMMV project faces off against the almighty Undertale C:
It started as something silly and non-serious, but I'm actually rather proud of the results. I cannot really publish it due to LOTS of copyright issues (using music from Undertale, for example), but I thought maybe I could share gameplay videos here so people can get a few laughs.

This is a mostly-comedic parody of RMMV and Undertale, so you'll get the majority of jokes only if you've played it. Oh and, should go without saying, but there's some Undertale spoilers here!
Some of the facts about Undertale and its creator (Toby Fox) are based on info I got via a quick Google search, while some other facts are completely made up. Please do not take anything there seriously xD
Lastly - At first, the project paints Undertale and Toby Fox as some kind of evil villains, but don't worry, it'll make sense in Part 2 C:

There are 4 parts, subsequent parts are in the descriptions. Hopefully people will enjoy:

Obviously I own absolutely nothing - RPG Maker MV, Undertale, whatever else I used there - Everything belongs to their owners. The videos are unlisted, will never be public, and I'll never make any cash profit from them. This whole project is just me mucking around really :3

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