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Discussion in 'Product Discussion and Support' started by Immagamerguy, Jan 8, 2017.

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    I am a fan of RPG Maker MV, I currently own the steam version of it.
    Ever since VX Ace I loved to share my games in Steam workshop to friends and other steam users and I used to gget good feedback.

    In RPG Maker MV however I feel the workshop is lacking the most important feature that VX Ace workshop has, and that is the ability to submit projects as "Play Only" instead of "Play and Edit". 

    I support RPG Maker I spend extra money on dlc content. the problem with MV is once you buy DLC and use said DLC on your project you are by default unable to share your projects on STEAM. You try to share it and it just gets banned, I feel like this is unfair to the people who paid extra for dlc content.

    If there is a possibility that there will be the play only feature please I would like to know. If not then I will have to just downgrade back to VX Ace.

    I only like doing rpg maker games for the STEAM community only and this irritates me.

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