RPG MAKER MZ problem with loading files on Android


Feb 28, 2017
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I am trying to create an application in Android Studio with a test of a RPG Maker MZ game.
It seems to work, because when you start the app it loads the game's index.html file, but it happens the same as when you open that file in the browser. What gives this error:

Your browser does not allow reading local files.

I know that this error is normal in browsers and can be solved by changing a security option.

But of course, in Android studio I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried giving read and write permissions, I have implemented the WebView.
The issue is that the app works, but it can't access the game files.
Try with wkwebview-engine from cordova and if it loads the application and the game is seen. But I want to try not using wkwebview-engine to see if it fixes some graphical issues I'm getting.
I've seen on the internet that sometimes, depending on which programs you use to generate the application, it can be better or worse.

If someone can help me and give me ideas of what to do or what commands to enter in the Android studio files to try.



Mar 5, 2013
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there are basically two different possibilities:

1) the security feature of the browsers as you already mentioned.
the easiest way around that, especially if you want to do a lot of game development, is to either setup a local webserver on your computer (to pretend to the browser that it is on a website) or to have your own server with full FTP access for easy uploads to the internet (which costs a fee, because most of those free hosters have restrictions that made the easy FTP access problematic)

2) some files break the networking rules
Unlikely with that error, but something to watch out for anyway: correct capitalization, no spaces, no special characters, only latin letters and so on.
Yes, modern computers have overrides that force the browsers to handle those forbidden letters - but those overrides are partially problematic even on Windows and become more of a problem when going multi-device deployment.
so it's better to keep your filenames clean from the beginning.

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