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Aug 16, 2012
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Maker Format: VX Ace

Art Style: RTP?

Description: I bought Katakura Hibiki's Monsters Vol. 1 because it came with resources for VX as well. The resources include battlers, face sets and pictures for two actors from MV, which I do not own. Since I don't own MV, I decided to use the character generator to create Charsets for the two characters in question. I made them as close as possible to the pictures and battlers, but couldn't get it exact. When I tried to edit them myself, the files became corrupt. I believe this is because I am working on a Windows XP. So I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to edit the charsets I made to get them closer to the pictures and battlers.

As for why I don't just buy MV:
1. My work computer is an XP and MV doesn't support XP. Don't have money for a new computer right now.
2. I've spent 4 years working on my game on VX Ace and don't feel like restarting on a new program.

Reference Images:

The Charsets:


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