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Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by Caitlin, Nov 30, 2016.

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    I thought that I would do something that other websites have done previously to some extent, to celebrate Christmas by creating a 'Christmas' village and by village, I mean the following.  You would create your house, with lights and decorations, with whatever yard, you desire and with help of some others, we would put it all together in a final picture.  I am not sure about if we could make it interactive by using an engine or just a picture, but I will see what you guys think.  The first thing is first, the maker is very important as are graphics.

    I suggest RPG Maker VX Ace, and the graphics should be things that everyone can use, so Celianna's, Mack and Blue, Pandamaru, Avery and such on, because we are not selling this, so there should be no problem. 

    This will be interactive, so you can create a living room with your house and we should avoid using DLC, because not everyone has access to that.  Houses can have front yard, but please be reasonable with it and interior houses should only be 20 x 15 max. I will need the following help from someone, a good parallax mapper, as I've only done those maps occasionally.  I will create additional or edits of resources as needed and a good Christmas sounding song (we would only need one).  Community characters are highly suggested, to help make the fun even more.


    A good parallax mapper

    a single music, Christmas sounding

    Sign up if you wish to participate!

    Your name

    Your community character, if you have one or what character you wish to be seen as

    I want a good idea of how many people are going to do this, so I know the size of the map, we will ultimately need. I will start the Christmas village map, tomorrow and check this topic again!  (=^o^=) I say we have fun this Christmas by doing something really creative this year!

    I do not own RPG Maker MV, so this is why it has to be in RPG Maker VX ace, so if you do not own RPG Maker VX Ace, simple use Celianna, FSM (Mack and Blue), Pandamarua, Avery crafting your house in Gimp.
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    Too much graphics to do for now... But I always wanted my cats or one or two of my creations to roam around in a game... and... on the rather petite side!

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