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    Hello people!
    Can anyone support a Mog plugin?
    The plugin is the MOG - Picture Gallery which displays images collected within the game previously saved in a designated folder.
    Here is the link of this plugin:


    I'm using this plugin to create a database type and I want to make a change in the presentation of it.
    If anyone can check this plugin will notice that when we click on the Gallery Menu, it will display a thumbnail of all the collected images and clicking on one of these images will open the size of the screen.
    What I want is when to open the Image Gallery, to have a presentation of a miniature image and when we click on this Image it would open an ImageB. I want the thumbnail image to be different from the whole screen image.
    Would it be possible to tweak the plugin and give it "ok" in the image? Does it point to another image or folder where I would place the B?

    If anyone can parse the plugin and check if it is possible to make this change I would be very grateful!
    Vlw personal and hope you can help me!

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