[RPG VXA] Add skill feature for Weapon, Armor or state not working.


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Jul 11, 2014
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Hello Everyone!

Lately I ended up with a small bug in my games.
When I did a simply conditional branch if skill learned and it returned false even though the actor has the skill in the skill menu.
I added the skill from an equipment using the "Add skill feature".

I did some experiments to find the issue and found out that the Add Skill feature was the problem. If I manually learn a skill to the actor the conditional branch works fine. But if I use the Add skill feature from weapons, armor or even states it seems to act as if the skill never existed even though it shows in the skill menu.

All I am doing is to check using a conditional branch if the skill is learned on that actor.
Yes, I am choosing the right actor ID, Yes, I choose the right skill ID and yes, it might be a script issue but I could not find which. :s

I tried removing some script here and there that I think might be related to the feature and test it but the result stayed the same.
I added a crappy green dot on which I tested in the imagine below.

Scripts in use.png

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