Oct 11, 2014
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So I decided to really push the limits, and try to port mkxp to WebAssembly/asm.js. The result?

Note: DON'T click "Continue" since it quits for now. Got this working in subsequent builds

Managed to get the stock project working (just using the assets for demoing)! Download size is around 4MB, so it should take some time to open. This also comes with some caveats, especially that
1) Uses mruby, so you need to rewrite some RGSS, documenting here
2) No BGM/BGS and midi support for now
3) WebGL and WASM are slow, so need real optimization of scripts

But other than that, it seems pretty decent. So my reason for creating this thread is to primarily ask if anyone here is experienced with MRI or Emscripten, in which case, I invite you to help me with this. A discussion on this can be found here.

Why is this big?
If completed, it will allow you to make games once (in RPGXP), port with doable changes, then run everywhere (literally) including Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and anything that has a browser with WebAssembly support! Further, if MRI is fixed up (which currently has some memory leak), it just might be possible to do this for RMVX too!

Edit: Before anyone wonders about this: this is completely legal, no reverse engineering involved, and the source is completely open, licensed under GPLv2

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