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May 30, 2016
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After years of procrastinating and starting projects only to never finish them, I FINALLY released something! I found the Release Something Event, and decided to use it as motivation to make something. This is an authentic NES-style Dragon Quest fangame made in MV. It's only a 2 hour demo, so it will get updates regularly.

Many years ago an evil mage by the name of Zorael began his quest to destroy the world. He planned to gather all five dark gems across the lands, and absorb their power.

Many a hero tried to stop him, yet all failed. However, one hero managed to weaken him immensely, and the world was left in peace.

However, four of those gems had already been taken and destroyed by Zorael. And the last one was locked safely away in the town of Gloomview. There one day the people appointed as guardians to the gem were talking when the long years of peace ended suddenly!

The town was sacked and the gem was stolen, leading to the completion of Zorael's dark plan. As a last resort, the king of Lynn sent his only child to find his sword and take down Zorael once and for all.

LUCIAN (The Player)​

The only son of the king of Lynn. He is sent to gather his dad's sword and use it to defeat Zorael.

ALDAIN (The Warrior)​

A man Lucian meets in the town of Eelry who helps him gather a mirror to help the town blacksmith. Has a heavy scottish accent, and is very blunt.

VALENCIA (The Priest)​

A woman from Gloomview who died. After getting revived, she goes with the team to the Tower of Ezuna to contact the goddess, but can't. They must then go and find her old mentor.​

ZORAEL (The Villain)​

The titular sinful sorcerer, years ago he embarked on a quest to gather 5 magical gems to destroy the world. He gathered four before being stopped by the original hero. Unfortunately now he has returned and has completed his plan. It is up now to the hero to defeat him before he can destroy everything.

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  1. Authentic retro graphics, feel, and audio!
  2. Gather all the hidden Mini Medals!
  3. Many hours of gameplay, even for the demo!
  4. A bonus dungeon featuring 30 floors of loot and monsters!
  5. Mobile version coming soon for on-the-go play!
  6. Nothing is spoon-fed to you, you must explore if you want to know what to do!
  7. Soul-crushing difficulty!

Graphics: Square Enix, Dragon's Den, Spriters Resource, Me

Plugins: Yanfly, Galenmereth, MechPen, Feldherren, Mr. Trivel, Sasuke Kannazuki, ocean pollen, RPG Maker Irina, McKathlin, Archeia, Tyler Wright, Himeworks, Iavra

Special Thanks: Echo607, SRDude, Driftwood Gaming, Tea's Jams, Archeia, mlogan


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