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Mar 16, 2012
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Welcome to the Hall of Pawnsmoor.
A place that holds the record of many heroes from many tales across the world.

You're nobody. You're just an incarnation of one of the heroes with the same name.
You may be imperfect. Some of your abilities may not actually resemble the real hero. Perhaps you might "crash the entire hall". Who knows ...

Prove your value is as worth as the original hero.
Prove that you can survive through all these halls.

This is a public version of a closed test of this game with various modifications based on a few testers' feedback (mostly the modification was about buffing/nerfing or change the perk tree, and a slight modification to the boss mechanic).


As this was footage from last year, it is not an exact representation of the current game state. But nothing is drastically different (except the perk menu).

Approximately to finish the game:
1 Hour (or 2 hours at maximum if you screwed up and restart the battle)

Some Unique/Customized Game Mechanic:
(Sorry for the broken English. There is no Grammarly extension in my image editor)

Two-Rows Battle System

Breakable Armor

Equipable Perk

The main goal of the game:
  • Testing my boss's design.
  • Testing the game mechanic aiming to get most of the mechanics done and eliminate bugs.
  • Challenge. Can you beat the boss with limited item usage?
Feedback Wanted (remain the same):
  • Feedback on the skill.
    • If the skill description is not clear enough.
    • If it doesn't work (buggy).
    • If you can think something better.
  • Feedback on the boss design.
    • If you have a suggestion for the boss design.
    • If you found a glitch in the boss mechanic.
  • Feedback on the game mechanic.
    • If you have any suggestion to make it better.
    • Ask me anything about the game mechanic.
if you could send/stream the game, I would really appreciate it since I could see how my test subject players play my game.

The Download
Get it here

In case you can not open the game:
The game has two .exe files.
  • Game.exe (using RGD)
  • Game Original.exe (The original game.exe)
Remove/Rename the RGD version and rename "Game Original.exe" to "Game.exe".

Why a public demo now?
The first reason is because of the RSE.
The second reason is I don't see myself finishing the story/adventure version soon (having too many distractions, writer block, and "side" projects), so at least I want to show you what if I give my best on the gameplay (battle) department. Or at least I released something *drumroll*.

You have already made this game topic, why a new one?
I will be using that one for the adventure version of the game, and I will use this to focus on the boss rush version of the game
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