RMVXA [RSE]The fishing trip of Byleif (verse 27)

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    I am currently working on a collection of narrative viking poetry based on the Hattatal. This has unfortunately made me not be very active on this website anymore but for the release something event I decided to make a small comeback with a game based on one of the verses. This game (if I may say so myself) marks a notable improvement in my gamemaking, focusing on puzzles and alternative paths instead of repetitive battles.

    The fishing trip of Byleif
    (Verse 27)

    • The viking explorer Byleif the Blitzer has recently left the ancient ruins of Znurali. Desperete for provisions they land on a seemingly normal island that soon turns out to be quite...weird.
    • This game is based on my poetry collection which can be found here: https://atspela.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-fishing-trip-of-byleif-first-twenty.html
    • It is not necessary to read it (although it is only a couple of pages or so) as it a stand-alone episode in a larger adventure. All you really need to know to get going is that these vikings are out exploring in a Wind-Waker like archipealago.



    • Byleif
      A mighty viking explorer hoping to find an island with plenty of fish for his people to live in peace on.
    • Alex
      The magician and skald of Byleif's court. Married to Adva.
    • Adva
      The best warrior and tracker of the group. Married to Alex.
    • Kale
      The ship chef in top shape.
    • Wayland
      A smith that travels with the group.
    • Tymor
      Byleif's brother and a real rascal. What is he doing on the island?
    • Weiron
      The ghost of a dwarf that lived on the island long ago.
    • The horror of the island
      The one behind everything strange going on.

    • After exploring the fabled ruins of the island Znurali, Byleif and his crew are in dire needs of provisions. Finding an island they find themselves stuck on an island that seems more beautiful than reality itself. Will they be able to leave and continue their adventures?

    • This game takes place before the main game I am currently working on (Alex and Adva). It is set in a comedic world based on norse mythology called GranngĂ„rd.

    SECTION E: Game Mechanics/Features:
    • Gameplay based on exploration and puzzles.
    • Fishing, archery and hunting minigames
    • Mode 7 effects
    • 1-2 hours of gameplay
    • Alternative paths for dungeons and puzzles
    • A heavily modified version of the Falcao Pearl ABS script
    • Platforming elements


    Z interacts with objects
    X Opens the menu
    A Jumps
    M opens the spell and item menu


    ABS script by Falcao Pearl
    Jump script and fishing script by Galv
    Stair movement script by FenixFyreX
    Mode7 script by MGC

    Byleif face by madhattermonster
    Smith sprites by whtdragon
    Tymor Face Connie Cartwright
    Wolf sprite Minnow
    Assistant Sprite by Themo
    Vincent sprite by Personigo de la Cefo, Face sprite by Henrik Magnusson
    Sewer tileset by nicnubill

    Mint Bunny faceset made by Imperial-France edited by gmestanley
    Sprite by Maiko's rabbits at FSM from Apprentice Geisha

    Alex and Adva faces Made by capraqueen edits by Oozart, Sprite by Plueschkatze
    Byleif and Tymor sprites by Plueschkatze
    Wood and dungeon tileset by Nirwanda
    Every other custom sprite, sound, etc by me

    Music by Eric Matyas
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