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    When someone finally remembers what Marissa likes while on a date, she thinks she has found the right guy. However, things don't go as planned.

    Marissa has been in the city for three years and hasn’t found a single guy who will listen to her. Most guys seem to only see her outward appearance, with flowing blonde hair and slim body, but once she starts talking about her interests, programming, video games, and technology, it all goes over their heads. She knows when they're running out on her, always coming up with some ‘emergency’.
    Even her roommate Jessica, a poetry major, knows that no guy ever listens, and while she tries her best to find Marissa good guys, they tend to fall flat. So much so that Marrissa doesn’t even bother replying to text messages from people she doesn’t know.
    The next guy on her list is Ethan, hopefully he’ll listen, and Marissa is prepared to go in as herself, flowing blonde hair, pretty dress (which honestly is being overdressed to go to a coffee shop), but she’s keeping her dorky glasses. Maybe they’ll give him a hint that she’s not just a pretty face…they always think she’s just a pretty face…


    Created in less than 2 months for RPGMakerWeb's Create Something 2019 event, Waffle Cone revives a short story I wrote and expands it into a Visual Novel with 4 alternate endings:

    One Bad Ending
    Two Happy Ending
    One True Ending

    Other Features:

    Original Character Art
    Message Backlog
    Fast Forward


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