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Apr 10, 2017
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In one peaceful day...
The shrine can't find its maiden...

In one particular day, Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden is absent from the shrine.
Suika, an oni who usually hangs around the shrine decided to act as the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine.
However, little did she know that a path to be a shrine maiden is filled with many incidents to solve, and her journey through the problem-filled road had just begun!

About the Game
Hangover Walk on The Wild Side is a short top down bullet hell game made with RPGMaker VX Ace.
This game serves as a spin-off to our just released Oracle of Forgotten Testament.
Play as Suika and fight against three fierce bosses!

This game is based on Touhou Project by Team Shanghai Alice.
This project has no affiliation to said project.

Suika Ibuki (伊吹 萃香)
Typical oni that loves drinking and fighting.
She has enough physical strength to throw back large boulders thrown at her.

Screenshots and Features
Engaging Story
Suika maybe drunk and getting through her hangover, but that doesn't stop her from holding (and fighting over) conversations!

Intense Bullet Hell Boss Fights

Powered by custom scripts inspired by Space Invader and Pong, dive into a hell of bullets without Suika being able to shoot bullets by herself!

Compelling Mysteries

Follow Suika into a journey to find Reimu!

The following demo contains a few minutes of gameplay consisting only the first fight.
Playtime may vary as people might have to adapt themselves in a RPGMaker VX Ace bullet hell, die several times, and utilize Suika to the fullest.
Download it here!
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