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Apr 25, 2012
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How to make snow-covered tiles, an RTP graphic editing tutorial, translated by Slimmmeiske2

Original Tutorial: http://foryou.opal.ne.jp/sfog/dotsnow.html

Original Tutorial from here:


Translation by slimmmeiske2

Map arrangement - Snow

I want to introduce this requested tutorial (on FSM) on how to arrange snow on the VX tiles.

This time I’ll be using a well for the snow motive、[but the method is the same for other objects as well.

First, copy the object you want to edit from its file.

After copying, we will make layers for editing.

Layer 2(You will draw the snow on this layer)

Layer 1(Put here your well)

Background ([use a color so that you can see the snow well)

On layer 2.with a 4 pixel brushpaint out the place the snow will be on.

It’s alright if it’s rough, but look out that it doesn’t hang over, only paint out the snow where it will pile up.

In case the snow piles up in a small area, please use a little thick brush, because the snow will form a clump.

When you’re done with the brush, change to filter>sharp and do the outline with the sharp brush. Otherwise, it will look blurry.

Change the brush to 1 pixel, pick a colour close to water blue-grey and add shadow to the snow.

While you’re doing the shadows, draw some piling snow below, so that it looks like molten snow.

To see how your map arrangement is working out, change the background to white, so you can fine tune it.

In order not to lose sight of the shape of the well, I think it’s good to leave the outline, because if your ouline’s too thin you can’t see what’s the border of the background snow and of the snow on the well.

Indicate the background as OFF and save as PNG and you’re done. Delete the unused tiles and use the remaining file.

With trees that use bright, vivid colours, drop the colour saturation a little,so that the colours will look a little blue,before adding snow, so that when adding snow it will look more realistic.

However if in your game a country in spring has to deal with snowfall, it will look a lot better if you used the original green of the tree.
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