RTP Generator An Error. Is male hair FG_FrontHair_p05_c1_m003 meant to be transparent near the bottom?


May 31, 2013
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Edit: I just realised the accessories from accessory 1 are not working properly with that front hair either, so there is definitely some sort of error.

I was using the generator on Guy / Male front hair, and I noticed one becomes a little transparent at the bottom of the character hair. I thought it might be normal and how's it's meant to be, but then I realised it's the only front hair that does this (and their others that go near the eyes as well). So I thought in case it's not meant to be transparent I'd share that here. Someone may want to check on that. But it may be intentional and as it should be? It's nothing to do with the colours I'm using as I checked that too. I'm using Version 1.0.2 from RPG Maker Web Store.
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