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Oct 8, 2018
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This roofset is a multi roof, edit with minor and major edits from the RTP roof, currently, Blue and Green,
and I have Red and Yellow as well, but I do not add this for now, some things might be added that
can be of good use of make a suggestion to expand it.

While there is alot of roofs out there, most are flat roofs or pointy roofs and while I'm make some Edits
This one is a combined from flat and pointy roofs.

If you like them and suggestion, compliments etc are welcome. I might throw in the PSD file so you can edit
the color on your own (Color combination of Blue, Red, Yellow, Green are on the PSD file if share it)

Terms of Use:
You MUST own a license in order to use this roof set.
Free in non-commercial, for commercial use -> Like this roofset =)
Credits are appreciated, but not need while RTP minor/Major edits.

Beware of corners while the set have little corner pieces. In case of need
I can create the part how to use it but I hope you find out on your own as well how to use X and O and "Star".
If you have problems setting it correctly, tell me and I will upload it as well.

EDIT 1: Added Missing Corners
EDIT 2: Added Windows, Windows are centered and X offset so you character
can be in front of the window instead next to it. Whichever you use, is up to you.
Changed commercial use -> like this set =)


Alundra Roofset (customized Chimney (because hard to find)) its a bit bigger
than regular. Major Edits from the Alundra houses found here.
When using it, you MUST credit me "ShadowDragon" and "Sturmfels"

This roofset gets an extension (gets delayed) and also an overhault on replacement.
Also fixing serveral mistakes in the current one.

The extension and roofset need walls to be changed due the next reasons:
1) its a combined from RTP and FSM walls. (FSM is paid)
2) the colors used is to my personal need to the game.
3) if you need walls for matching your game, I can help, unless you want to do it on your own.
(PSD is included that has everything and organized, you might searched through the layers
on the part you want to changed/fixed. (aka recolor)

I hope to get new roofset done somewhere in february. (can be delayed due busy in RL.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you have question or suggestion, Leave it below :)

Now keep in mind, the stones I used are created with some RTP mixed up with others
and edited to my liking. if you use a different wall, you MUST edit the wall to match yours.

This can be hard if you don't know how this is done, but if you have problems, feel free to ask,
and I can see to make the change for you. (I got the PSD if anyone is interested if you want
to recolor the roofs or frames to get a different color.

It's a fully organized PSD file for window, roofs, frames etc. (my Terms of Use apply here) but check
Sturmfels Terms of Use before using it :)
This Sample can be bother found in the ZIP and PSD which can be toggled ON and OFF
in Photoshop. You can use the PSD also in GIMP and Krita if they have both the option to
semi merge the layer with the arrow next to it.

Sample of Numbers
1: Use the black Wall Tool for the A4 wall/buildings Tiles
2 + 3: Put the tool over the 2x2 wall and copy/remover the outline to keep the center wall left.
4: create a 4 height and 4 width image like below.
5: merge those layer andput it abover the Roof Window Wall and press ALT +Click on
the center line of the 2 layers to create image 6.

Download the ZIP file on the bottom.
For any help on this part, PM me or leave message below.

19-11-2019 Alundra Set Added
7-1-2020 Alundra Roof Layer Mask Added (PSD)


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Oct 8, 2018
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Added a new roofset, Alandra based (major edits from Strumfels) read his term of use.

Enjoy :)
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