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Rules on requests

This board is meant for members to request for resources, and for other members to provide or fulfill those requests. General board rules apply here as well.

Providing members with resources that are rips from commercial games is a bannable offense. Likewise for art theft.

Please do not bump your topic unless 72 hours (3 days) have passed since your last post.

This is a RPG Maker forum, you can request resources for your RPG Maker project - we do not allow people requesting resources while they're using other game makers.

A good request contains:

1. Specifications. What are you looking for? Are you looking for a spriteset? A faceset? A portrait? A certain tileset? A song? Please indicate what sort of resource you're looking for, preferably in the title of your thread.

2. If you're looking for an entirely custom resource, please keep in mind that this takes time, and dedication. The better your description is, the higher the chance is of someone picking up your request and fulfilling it. If you're looking for someone to make you a spriteset of your main character, then having a faceset of the character would really help out. If you don't have that, then a description of said character is necessary. If you're looking for someone to make you a certain tile, providing pictures of what you want helps tremendously.

3. When requesting for custom resources, please specify in which style it should be made in. RPG Maker VX and XP have different art styles (not to mention different image dimensions), so that's a major distinction. Not only that, there are several different styles within VX and XP itself, so please state in which style the resource must be made in.

4. Request for edits also belong here. Recolouring, extra emotions, more sprite poses etc. are all edits. Please provide the original resource that needs to be edited, and state what you need edited. If it is the kind of resource that you cannot post publicly (i.e. Samurai materials), offer to PM them to a member instead.

5. Don't leave out any details. If you want a faceset for your character, don't forget to mention that character's age. If you want different emotions for a faceset, please state what kind of emotions you need.

6. No vague requests. Things such as "I'm looking for someone to create me a modern tileset." are vague and don't provide any information other than the requester wanting to have a certain tileset. Please be as specific as you can, so instead of a modern tileset, request for an office building wall, a computer or a vending machine instead.

7. Try to keep your requests to a minimum at a time, people are more likely to pick it up and fulfill your request if there's only a few things to make (2 spritesets VS 10). If you're planning on asking a lot of requests (more than 10) for custom resources, I suggest going to the Project Recruitment forum to recruit people for your project instead.

8. When providing resources to someone (that aren't custom made by you), please leave behind a link to the original resource instead of uploading the images yourself and posting it directly into the thread. We want people to see where the resources are coming from, so link instead of direct link.

9. Which brings us to the last rule; if you cannot link to the original resource because the website/blog has been taken down, respect the creator's wishes and do not distribute the resources anymore. You cannot ask for resources that have been made unavailable either.

For members who haven't created the resource themselves, and are simply linking to it from another source, credit is crucial, so please do not forget to credit the original resource creator if you want to pass it along.

If you are helping someone find resources, use links as much as possible, do not direct link or hot link to images. Some artists do not wish for their resources to be reposted.

Please remember this is a self-help forum, and your request will not always be fulfilled. But if you follow the above guidelines, you'll increase your chances of someone picking it up.
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