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Mar 1, 2012
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All general forum rules apply in addition to the following:

Opening a Workshop:

1- Tag your post.
The first tag should be the type of service you're offering: Graphics, Music, Writing, Scripting or Other. The second tag should narrow your field of expertise: Tileset, Character, Background, Logo, Title/Game Over, BGM, SFX, RGSS1, RGSS2, RGSS3, Design, Dialogue, or Other.

You may add other tags as you wish. Note that tags will make your workshop much easier to find, so consider using tags for your style (ex. custom, RTP, orchestral etc) or technique (ex. pixel art, painted, vector, composition remix, etc).

2- Your first post must contain a request template, description of your services and samples.
Please include a sample for each service you are offering. You may also wish to add a current workload, so a requester can tell how quickly you will be able to get to their request.

3- You may not ask for payment or donations.
If you want to take commissions instead of requests, please post in Classifieds.

4- Keep your workshop up to date.

Workshops that seem abandoned will be closed to avoid spamming. You may contact a moderator via PM if you need to have your workshop re-opened.

Requesting from a workshop:

1- Format your request by following the workshop template.

Please be as descriptive and elaborate as you can.

2- Do not post in multiple workshops.

Doing so wastes the creator's time.

3- Thank the workshop owner once your request is complete.

Requests take time to complete, and the creators always want to know their work is appreciated.
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