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RPG Maker 2020 Tutorial Rules
(Last Update: June 6, 2020)
Threads posted in this board will enter a moderation queue and not appear until it is accepted by Archeia or a moderator. Threads will be accepted or denied based on how well they meet the rules and guidelines. Give at least 3 days before inquiring as to the state of your thread, and address all concerns to Archeia.

You are expected to honor the 1following rules and meet the minimum requirement to post new thread in this forum.

  • If you are a foreigner (Non-English speaker), we will only accept tutorials which have been translated into English. This is the Official English Forums, and everyone is required to interact in English. If your tutorial is entirely in Japanese/French/Spanish/German/Russian/Tagalog/etc. it will not be accepted.
  • Your tutorial must be clear and concise. You must also show that you are using a legal version to avoid getting banned by accident. We will not accept poorly written tutorials. We will also not accept tutorials that is focused around the fan translation.
Tutorial Template

Tutorial Title: (Example: How to edit sprites)

Brief description: Add a sentence or two describing what you will be discussing. (Example: We will look at how to recolor sprites and ‘Frankenstein’ multiple sprites together to create a new look.)

Requirements: List any required programs, scripts/plugins, background knowledge, etc that will be necessary to the tutorial. (Ex: Gimp, Photoshop, or other image editing program that supports transparency.)

Tutorial body: Here is where you will put the details of your tutorial. Please write clearly, in English, and include necessary details. Screenshots are great, particularly in the case of complicated event tutorials. Do not simply post a link to a tutorial written elsewhere. You may provide the link at the end, after pasting the entire tutorial here.

Tags: Providing tags will help members find your tutorial more easily.

Please also remember:

  • The tutorial must be for RPG Maker MZ games. No other exceptions. There are specific sections for tutorials for each engine.
  • This is not a forum for support questions. The other board, RPG Maker MZ, is for that.
  • Wait 72 hours before bumping your thread, to give an equal chance to other members and their recruitment thread. As always, spamming will not be tolerated! Remember to read our General Rules before posting.
* Exceptions to this rule will be accepted on a per thread basis. Contact Archeia for any other inquiries.

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