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(Last Update: November 27, 2017)

Before Making a Thread
Before opening a new thread in this forum, please familiarize yourself with these rules:
  1. All Questions goes through this forum. Not the Tutorial boards.
  2. Search the support forum first.
    - There's a chance someone's already encountered the same problem as you. Read through their thread and see how they solved it.
  3. Browse the tutorial forum.
    - Make sure to check the tutorial section first before submitting a question. Please note that each product has its own tutorial sub-forum and that there's a non-specific tutorial forum located here.
  4. Do not mention other engines in this boards.
    - This is the official site for Degica and Kadokawa products. Please do not mention any other engines in the forums.
Requirements to Open a New Thread
  1. Make sure that you can reproduce the bug.
    - Nobody can help you if you can only emulate it once. It has to be a 100% repeated rate. Even if it's just 3x.
  2. Use a pertinent title.
    - Please refrain from ambiguous titles such as "help me now" or "I don't know what to do". Include information and keywords that can describe your thread better.
  3. Be as descriptive as possible.
    - Briefly explain what you're trying to achieve. Please try to use proper spelling and grammar, and post in English only. You may also wish to post screenshots as well as a list of plugins and extensions you're currently using. Do not make one liner posts.
  4. Always post commands and text version whenever possible. Screenshots and Videos are encouraged.
    - Aside from describing us what you were trying to do, and what has gone wrong, show us what you've done instead. This helps us tremendously in pin-pointing the problem and helping you solve it.
  5. Be patient and polite.
    - Remember that the people who answer threads aren't paid to do so. They're donating their time and energy to help you. They may not have answers to every question, either. Don't bump your thread or complain that you're being looked over. You can only update your topic until 72 hours have passed.
After your Question is Answered
  1. Thank the people who helped you.
    - Let people know when their solutions worked and thank them for their time.
  2. Don't edit the thread title or main body of the first post.
    - Keeping the thread intact makes it easier to find through the search function. Although you may not need the thread anymore, someone else could find it useful.
* Exceptions to this rule will be accepted on a per thread basis. Contact Archeia for any other inquiries.
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