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    This is the Runecaster Saga

    (the title, obviously, is currently just a working title)


    Simply put, Runecaster follows a group of adventurers brought together by fate to face an evil that threatens their world.

    Many elements in Runecaster are influenced by Norse sagas and their respective lore.




    The World (haven't decided on a world name yet) was once at peace. That peace was shattered with the emergence of the Alfar and the monstrous beasts of legend. In order to battle this threat, the gods of the Nordan men gave their leader the ability to borrow their power through the use of "the runes." It soon became the job of this "Runecaster" to keep these forces in check.


    That is the balance that was struck for numerous years, until the Alfar and the beasts became too powerful. They smashed through the Nordan lines, taking lands and laying siege to cities until the entire Nordan nation collapsed.


    Our story begins almost two decades later, the Alfar have retreated, never taking any further ground. The remaining nations of men stand on guard, fearful of the looming threat to the north, they have even come to be paranoid of the idea of 'non-crystal magic' like that of the Runecaster, believing it to be the cause of the collapse. Then, and old berserker and his young niece set out on a mission that will eventually lead them back to their homeland...


    THE CHARACTERS (So far...)

    (Note: I'm not posting images because nothing is set in stone yet)


    Nannar - The protagonist of our story, and also the 'main' character. Nannar is bold and always willing to help those in need. Her parents died in the final encounter with the Alfar, she however, was rescued and brought south by her uncle Harald (see below). She grows up in a small Nordan village in the forests of Caidea. She learns to fight from Harald and becomes proficient with a blade. She is driven by a desire to see the world and a wish to lay eyes on the homeland she has never known. But fate has a different idea when she suddenly discovers the great duty that she has inherited.

    Harald "Grey Hair" - A veteran of the war with the Alfar and survivor of the collapse, Harald is a firm believer in the old traditions. This puts him at odds with the leaders of the remaining Nordan people, and rumors that he fled during the collapse certainly don't help. Despite this, Harald makes a living as a beast hunter, defending helpless settlements from the larger, more dangerous monsters of the world. He is one of the few remaining people who know, first hand, of the power of the runes.

    Eamon - The younger son of the King of Caidea. He lives in the shadow of his older brother, the heir to the throne. Being relatively unknown in his own empire, Eamon was able to join their army under a false name. He is stationed in a northern border outpost when it is attacked by one of the great beasts from the north.

    ...yeah, that's all that's really worth mentioning as far as main characters go right now. I've got a few others in mind but I'm still sort of working out their roles and how they'll actually fit into the with the others.



    A lot of the game is going to be story oriented, of course. Our focuses will mainly be on the main plot, the development of each individual character, and on a series of side missions which help to influence the world around the player.


    Combat will most likely be done in an ATB styled system with tactical decisions at the forefront of most of the equipment options. For example, a Claymore may do a lot of broad damage, but it's heavy and slows you down, limiting how many attacks you can do and how well you can defend yourself, where as an Epee is light and good for localized thrust damage


    Magic is going to play pretty deeply into the world. While the average human cannot preform magic abilities own their own, they can use magic crystals of various types, even going so far as to enhancing their arms and armor with them, granting the ability to augment outgoing damage with an element while mitigating incoming damage with a counter element. I personally envision this element/counter-element system to play pretty heavily into the battle system.


    Outside of battle, the player will find themselves setting out on quests and missions involving puzzle solving, mysteries, and all sorts of other RPG side quest staples. And preferably, each completed quest will have an impact on the larger story.




    Right now, I'm the sole developer on this title. As much as I like working with RPG Maker, a lot of the deeper aspects of the program are way over my head, and there are certain things I just lack the skills to do. So, I am reaching out to you, the community, for help. I'd personally like to keep the team relatively small, but we'll see how things go.


    As a member of our team you will not only be helping to make this game, you will be able to directly influence it's development. I personally believe that nothing is set in stone until it's published, and I'm always open to suggestions. As the games producer I will listen to and consider all suggestions and feedback from my teammates.


    So, specifically I'm looking for:


    Writing [2 max]

    While I'm fairly confident that I can handle the broader ideas of the story, I've never written for a video game before, despite always wanting to. So, ideally, I'm looking for one or two people who have experience with that to help bring the narrative to life. One of the important things I would like to avoid is having the story and the lore get too muddled, so I want to keep the writing team relatively small.


    Eventing [3ish]

    From my experience with my initial bit of work on this, there will be a lot of events. I, like many people with short attention spans, love when things happen, and you will be the ones that make them happen. You'll mainly be focusing on making the story advance within the game world. As well as making all the other little active things happen on screen and behind the scenes.


    Scripting [1ish]

    I recognize the power of scripting and what it can do for a game, but I'm not really sure how much scripting will need to be done, so I really don't have a reliable idea of how many people I need devoted to scripting, right now, I'm thinking only one will do it, but again, we'll see. Of course, your main objective will mostly be on engine and mechanic stuff. In the test build I have right now, I'm using a bunch of plugins from Yanfly, I'm hoping to be able to whittle down that list, if not strike it all together.



    I really like making maps, especially urban areas and interiors, but I'm willing to admit that I'm not great at it, so I'm looking for people with experience to lend a hand in actually building the world of the game. You will, naturally, be responsible for making the various towns, dungeons, houses, shops, and everything else that populates the world. I want the over world to seem immense, with a unique feel to each city and each nation.


    Sprite Artist/Artist[2ish]

    It's sad but true, I have no ability to draw, despite working as an animator. So, I'm looking for someone to bring the characters and creatures of the story to life. I am lumping this and Sprite artist together because one idea I've been considering is having the battlers be hand drawn instead of pixel art. That's not a final decision however, so please, pixel artist, please apply as well. Keep in mind, however, that I will only be taking on one Artist and one Pixel Artist, as I do not want the visual style vary too much. That being said, I haven't decided on a visual style yet, so, that'll be something I consider as well.


    Music [FULL]

    What do people hear through most of a game? Music. That's where you'll come in. I would like someone to help compose music that helps to complete the feel of the world. This, obviously, will include both in and out of battle. I haven't put much thought into the games soundtrack yet, so you'll probably have quite a bit of influence there. That being said, as I become more ambitious with the soundtrack (and that will most certainly happen at some point) I may bring on another composer to help fill that ambition.





    Although I am currently the sole member of the development team, this game is being worked on as part of my group Strigas Gaming. We are a low budget (read as no budget) group, but we hope to publish this game once it is complete. We will be proving a share of any revenue generated from said publishing. Plus, I'm sure this won't be the only game we decide to make, so this could lead to more work.


    Additionally, I am a professional screen writer with many other random expertise, so, maybe I could lend my skills to your project in trade.





    If you're interested in working with us, please send me a private message or just post on below. Keep in mind that I will most likely ask to see examples of past work, which is a fairly standard practice anyway, so, yeah. As far as communication during production, Strigas Gaming has a server on Discord, that would be the preference just for the ease of it, but Skype would be a viable solution as well if that is the majorities preference.


    And now, I would like to thank you for enduring my massive wall of bland text. I've also attached some screenshots, because for some reason I believe that it'll give you some idea of what I'm trying to go for with this game.


    RCS-01.jpg RCS-02.jpg RCS-03.jpg RCS-04.jpg RCS-05.jpg
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    hi i was wondering if youre looking for people still? im experienced in both mapping (with parallaxing) and eventing. please pm me :)

    i have MV
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    I'd love to help out with writing if this is still active :)
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    I'd love to help with the music!

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