Running a common event each turn, for every actor and battler?


Jan 3, 2015
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Would this be a laggy and inefficient way to accomplish what i want, or is this precisely what common events are designed to do?

I don't want poison or burn damage for example to be purely a function of the battler's maxhp, I want to be able to prescribe the damage formula while also factoring in the type of damage and factoring in the target's elemental resistance to that type of damage. So what I'm thinking of doing is:

I run a common event on every actor and battler, each turn, that checks if they have the poison state, or the burn state.

If they do, I use the force action event to use a skill on them, which would inflict either poison or burn damage according to the damage formula i use in the skill, and therefore if that actor or battler has elemental resistance to poison or fire damage, it gets naturally factored in.

I can also create different poison and burn states, that correlate with skills that inflict a higher amount of damage, but still factoring in the target's poison or fire resistance.

Is this a good solution to my desired outcome without needing a plugin, or am I creating a huge mess for myself and potentially causing lag since I'm running these common events every turn for every battle?


Oct 28, 2019
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From my experience it is possible to do this by using indirect parallel common event, thus avoiding serious lag. As far as I know, there are two ways to do this without plugin:

Option 1: Let the common event to run in each turn by setting it in the Troop Event.

The only problem with this method is the tediousness: for each troop, you must set the same setting. You unfortunately need to use plugin similar to YEP Base Troop Event to overcome this problem.

Option 2: Let the common event to trigger only when a switch is on.

The switch is turned on only when player is in battle scene. This will require the knowledge of scripting and another parallel common event that check every single second that you're entering a battle. Because it only check whether you're in a battle, it won't be as heavy as choking a whole damage calculation into single-second parallel trigger.

Since any RPG Maker version is technically no different with other game-developing platform, I must admit that self-made plugin is the best answer for this problem. It is probably going like this: first you need to identify the function that control default overtime damage, then you store the new damage formula in the state notetag, and finally call the formula under condition that currently active state is the one with the new damage formula.

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