Apr 2, 2017
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Engine : RPG Maker MV

Synopsis : Enter into an alternate take on the RWBY universe, where an unknown individual appears on the island of Patch at Signal Academy. Explore Patch, Vale, Atlas/Mantle, and Menagerie as you experience an adventure that makes use of the new game plus mechanic to advance the games story. Reverse time and try again until you are finally able to defeat Salem and her underlings and bring peace to your universe. The protagonist has less far not been named but he is a sword wielder and it's also a gun, with the teleportation semblance. Additionally, as The Reincarnation of the old wizard from the maiden Tale, he does have some other magical abilities, including, but not limited to, the ability to enhance the capabilities of those around him whom he builds a strong bond with. Team up with Team RWBY, Tean JNPR, Team SNNN and secret character Neo to win out the day and defeat not only Salem, but the grimm abomination she created, which ends up being the reason why the god of light resurrected the protagonist. The grimm abomination is intended to be Cthullu-inspired, with reality warping powers, making it extremely deadly even without using its incredible power in combat. The protagonists magic protects him and his friends from the reality warping power of the abomination, so they are the only ones that can destroy it.

Friendship mechanic is included so you will be able to form a romantic bond with one of the members of Team RWBY, though it will be kept g-rated. Can't really have a friendship mechanic in a game involving teenagers and not allow romance to be a thing too.

My role : I am dealing with the story as well as stage 1 map design, though I have a co-developer reviewing my maps amd making them more aesthetically pleasing. I have reached out to Rooster Teeth and they have stated that as long as they find nothing in my game to be morally objectionable they are fine with me using their music in my game under fair use so I don't have to worry about music.

What I need - So far I am doing most of the work now I have one person assisting me and doing touch-ups as needed, but while I am decent at math design and I do have someone who's able to improve upon my work, one area in which I am lacking is spriting, and art in general, so I could use walking, battling and face sprites (with multiple expressions) for my player characters, as stated above, and walking and face sprites for many other side characters, like Melanie, Miltia, Junior, and the old man at 'From Dust Til Dawn.'

I also need enemy art in the form of new kinds of grimm and the cthullu grimm aka grimm abomination.

The link that follows leads to some walking sprites made for vx ace, which may be a good place to start.


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