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    This is an IGMC 2017 entry from a team where I'm involved. Time constraint and some then-executed experiments are the basis of this project. We did it to pull this game into release just in time.
    For a note: Sample09 is heavily inspired by SCP Foundation and the game SCP: Containment Breach. So, if you're familiar with the SCPs, you might will find some similarities in this game.


    The story is set in a place called Site 0019, which is owned by a shady organization called Cromwell's Institute. Nobody knows what is Site 0019 and how could you ended up in such shady place.

    A security breach combined with power failure crippled the Site. It is your only chance to escape from such place, but it won't be a walk in the park; dangerous Samples are on the loose, and the security backups will come anytime soon...

    Can you escape from Site 0019?

    Game Mechanics
    • There is no combat in Sample09, but you'll have to fight your life escaping the Site 0019
    • You gain control of an escaping unnamed Subject through the dark corridors of the crippled Site 0019. Walk cautiously and plan ahead; some Samples will get in your way. Strafing or peeking around for Samples is the key of success.
    • Dealing with Samples might increase your panic rate (thus decreases your health). Some rooms have a device that can calm your down, and record your progress.
    • Your end goal is reaching the main gate. Will not be an easy task, I'd say.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Get it here: https://richter-h.itch.io/sample09
    I forgot to ask for the download link from the project lead, but this might do as well.

    The game takes 20-60 minutes to finish. Quite a short game, yes.
    Anyway, feedback welcome.

    After all, I in behalf on the team hope you'll enjoy this game.

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