Aug 12, 2015
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Project Sara


This game (working title 'Project Sara' - actual title not decided yet) is based on the story 'A little princess' and inspired by "Little Princess Sara". 

"Little princess Sara" was an animated series based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel, "A Little Princess" (written in 1905).



The game's main focus is about a little orphan girl who is suffering through a world of intense bullying, mobbing and physical abuse .

That girl will be your character : Sara. 
Goal of the game is, to survive the day-to-day routine in the boarding school, and hope for a good ending - even though it is very unlikely there is one.... or is there

The game obviously won't feature any form of combat. It is a... not a "survival horror game", but rather a "survival mobbing game" - so to speak.  There will be a 'health indicator', damage, and ways to 'recover health' ( relaxation points throughout the house ) . But the encounters with those who don't mean well, are mostly 'just' dialogues that can chance direction depending on your reactions / answers. You can chose from 3 types of reaction, however, you never know where the conversation is heading and if it is going to be hurtful, unless you try. And Sara MUST complete a set number of tasks and/or conversations in order to end her day. ( How many daily tasks are left, are indicated in the custom on-screen HUD. )

The game will feature many chapters / days ( how many? that depends on how much time will be put in this game, since each day is technically a different individual entity/or level that tells a different story. )




Sara Crewe

The main protagonist of the story.
She is the soft spoken and polite 10/11 year old only daughter of Ralph Crewe, a wealthy businessman in England.

She was raised in a loving home, but her mother died relatively early. She loves her father and is nothing but a kind hearted and gentle little girl. She knows noble etiquette, is also honest, calm and often serious. Some may even call her a "Mary Sue Character" - which might well be reason for much of her trouble and hardship later on.

There are those in the boarding school that think she is a little TOO perfect, and for that, they despise her.

After her father leaves to India because of some important business ( a recently discovered, potential diamond mine ), Sara is left by herself in the boarding school in London. Many of the girls befriend her at first ( most only because she is now the richest girl around ).

They treat her nicely - until a letter arrives that changes everything. Things take a turn to the worst from here, as Sara's social status changes dramatically and   everyone in the orphanage is free to bully torture her as they please. Sara, being a rather collected and well behaved girl can't / won't to anything to defend herself and just endures most of it. However, of course it makes her very sad and borderline desperate. She does not stray from her 'mary sue' (or diamond-princess as the others call it) ways though, which makes the others even more enraged!  


A young maid from the boarding school and Sara's best friend.

She is a bit clumsy and not very sharp, but very friendly and trusting. She knows good from bad behaviour and ends up being an important loyal friend.

Since she is poor, she had no education and can't read / doesn't know much.

But she is quick to defend Sara against accusations, that is, if possible....

  • Miss Minchin The headmaster (-mistress?) of the boarding school.

    An elderly lady that rules the boarding school with an iron fist. This lady stands for discipline, order and respect (towards her person that is)

    Her personality and character however turn out to be more than questionable....

    Amelia Minchin 

    Miss Minchin's younger sister! She is a rather pudgy lady, probably in her mid- late 30es. Unlike her older sister, Amelia is pretty kind and of gentle nature herself, you could say she is "soft" – however, she is also rather timid and reluctant. 

  • Lavinia Herbert 

    Student of the boarding school. Maybe about 12 -14 years old.

    She is the bold, rich kid, badly spoiled and self-serving. Arrogant, mischievous, mercyless, sadistic, egocentric and a schemer. She would not shy away from anything to bad-mouth Sara, to prove her superiority over her. 

    Sara's Dad 

    Although he has a very short role, only showing up at the beginning of the story.

    A nice man who loves his daughter a lot and spoils her a little, but not in a bad way.

    He just wants her to have everything she needs.
  • The Cook

    The Head Maid

  • More girls of the boarding school.
  • ( It's not supposed to be preachy, my intend was to retell this story with a different medium - however it does heavily feature risky topics such as bullying and physical child abuse  )

  • Screenshots.
  • I hope I will be able to finish this game because the story touched me, since I am personally involved in this topic. I think I will be able to finish it, since I am working on a 2nd project parallel to this one - and I usually work better when I work on 2 game projects simultaniously : ) I want to learn a lot about storytelling with these projects and improve the overall quality of my games.
Thanks for reading! : )

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