May 1, 2016
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Hey all the world!

Today i will present you my project , a project of a life.

It called Sasuke Story's and it's based on the animed Naruto Shippuden but we control sasuke in an alternative story out of the series plot.

When the story passes Sasuke to already kill itachi and join the akatsuki with the goal of becoming the leader of this organization is to avenge his brother.

We control Sasuke with Karin and Suigetsu mainty.

But at some point it will happen to switch with other characters.

I'm french and the game is write in french but of course i will make a game in english and and if there is interest all the necessary will be translated to them.

Some Screens


At the moment there is more than a 40 of ninja technique created.

The game has a voice system for fighters and enemies, several techniques of the manga will be waiting for you and even unpublished!

Being a big fan of the game Naruto Storm 2, the soundtrack of the game will be composed of several music of the opus like the title screen, during a fight, in konoha etc ..

The topic will be updated as soon as possible and several other informations arrive very soon, stay connected!

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