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Nov 6, 2019
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I know it won't do that. Have seen Yanfly's plugin, it's really cool! Point with my student characters is that they have multiple pages and switches for each to prevent conflicts (2 pages active at the same time). Problem is, their positions are remembered, but they stay still when coming back. I figured a way around this, which might be tedious, but it worked on some small test maps).

I got what I wanted in a test map part of my game, however it's kind of tedious, and will require me to rework the movement process of all the students. Basically, what it works like is I use another plugin that allows me a MOVE TO x,y coordinates function (Yanfly Movement Core plugin), but my maps are really big (250x250) so it's a lot of work. So you just make them move to a close coordinate (like 10 squares away) and increment a variable each time they get there. That movement only takes place in a conditional, while that variable equals that value, until reaching the next point. With a teleport back to the initial point of each conditional (which is the last point you had to reach in the previous conditional). So that, when you reset maps and even if you don't have Remember Event locations plugin, the events won't go entirely back and carry on from where they were. On big maps it's gonna be too much of a fuss, so I am gonna try it in the plugin section, see if anyone could help. (Tried this on a small map (15x15).

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