Save Me a story of mystery and horror, apparently confused, but with a lot to say,


Feb 16, 2016
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                                :D Introduction :D

                             Hello friends !

It is a great pleasure to be part of this community. Today, I bring you information from a project that was stopped, but I decided to return to make, in RPG Maker 2003.This project is called "Save Me", based on a short story I wrote a few years ago. I published this story in college, but I decided to use it for a game. I changed the main plot points.

  It's released the first "alpha" version to download. And it's free !

                                                                    :popcorn:   Synopsis :popcorn:

   As this is a game where the mystery is the most important, I can not tell you in detail about what it is about the plot. Then I spoke little of the plot. The interesting thing for me, is the player to draw your own conclusions.

     Guy appears to be a young man between 25 to 30 years. He and his friend Gabriel, are in front of a house at night. Guy Gabriel thanks for all the help that this granted up to that point. Guy thanked his friend for all the help he gave up to that point.After the thanksgiving, he goes toward the place door.When he enters, strange demonic things begin to happen without any coherent explanation. There is no turning back and go to it, all that matters is to survive.

Perhaps there is a reason for everything that's going on, or there may not. The player is who discover themselves.

   Guy will undergo strange challenges, face strange creatures and their future is completely unpredictable. When the player finish the game, it can read a text that explains about the "symbologies" of this plot.

     BD Main Characters BD



    A common man, between 25 and 30 years . The main protagonist of the story. Guy will face numerous challenges in order to survive in a dark and dangerous world.



      Gabriel is a great friend of Guy. Although it is a non-playable character, he can play the game in very important moments in the course of history.


     ;)    Systems ;)

   Most systems are customized, from menus to the combat system. Everything is programmed by events. The system of "Save / Load", uses a plugin, but its other aspects also customized.

* Custom Battle System - Advanced Battle System(ABS) with three hit combo. The attack mode, must be activated by a button. Has "Miss Attack" and "Crush Attack".

* Custom Menu System - Besides the use of items, the player can arrange the items according to your will and discard them.

* Puzzles - Some puzzles are standard and the occasional puzzle is original.

                :rock-left:   Screenshots  :rock-right:

                              :guffaw: Video   :guffaw:

                                                B) Download Link B)

          :thumbsup-left:    Credits :thumbsup-right:

- Thank Cherry for his brilliant  plugin to change the Title Screen and Save Menu.

- Thanks to Charas Project community for all its available resources.

-  Thanks to my friends makers, contributors and beta-testers Carlos Basílio, "SnowCacau", Edney Teixeira and Eric Souza.

- And thanks once again to this amazing community for accepting me and for the  opportunity to show my work.

          Thanks for reading ! any analysis will be very welcome. Thanks see you soon !
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Dec 16, 2014
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To be completely honest, I don't think It's a good idea to use a resource ripped from Final Fantasy 6 (last screen)...

Aside from that, I also think you should have someone to proof-read what you write if you aren't fluent in english. Some sentences are a bit funny-sounding ("Guy appears to be a young man between 25 to 30 years. He and his friend Gabriel, are in front of a house at night. Guy Gabriel thanks for all the help that this granted up to that point. Guy thanked his friend for all the help he gave up to that point.")

And while watching the trailer... are you using the hacked version of rm2k3? Because if that's so, I don't think you're allowed to post your games here (mods correct me please!). You should ONLY use the new version provided by KADOKAWA.

Now, onto the game (I want to help after all...)

The file is really heavy and the way you have to sit down and wait for it to complete, then have to wait two extractions that take a lot really made me almost give up on trying this.

Putting two notes that explain game mechanics are not really great in terms of design. I'd implement them when getting the items it refers to, so you have a tutorial implemented with the gameplay. Plus, it would be nicer to let the player press enter when you display images so you don't start thinking the game has frozen.

The game has too many grammar flaws and the cutscenes are way too long. I wouldn't mind if the dialogs were actually faster and didn't take 10 second each to display the next one...

Also, make sure to say if the game is scary, contains blood or jumpscares... because people might be scared of that (I didn't expect the jumpscares so THANK YOU.)

I've also encountered in many many bugs, like the flashing phone, the thing next to the paper breaking the game... you should test your game throughly, or it discourages players from playing.

The game is very very slow at processing things and it frustrates me a lot. And the intro looked a bit too bland, but I'd say it makes you wonder what's the main character doing there at all.

It was a very bad experience and I quit as soon as I could, sorry to say that. I also hope you didn't use too much ripped resources, I can't tell since the game has no folders I can look into.

Sorry for the messy reply too, but I was commenting as I (tried to...) played.

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