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by Dr.Yami and Archeia

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Back when I was still developing Porcupine Princess in RPG Maker VXAce, I invited all my testers in a Dropbox Folder where they can play all of it. I figured this would make checking bugs a lot easier. However, I entered a big problem with this. People would accidentally overwrite each other's savefiles or it's just hard to have a 'reserved' slot. My friend TDS gave me a private script and I used it for quite a while. This script is now remade for RPG Maker MV and since I'm not making games anymore (or rarely), I decided to share it here. 

1. Create a text file on your desktop called TESTER_ID. This is important.

2. Place a name in it. By default I'm using Nessiah, which is the master key, more on this later.

3. Now whenever you load a game, you will see a list of 'user profiles' that have their own save files and you can access all of them without any issues.

How does this work?

The Master Key has access to all the user profiles. So if for example, Ralph has a bug in one of his saves, you just select his profile and have access to all his saves and reproduce his issue. Just simply refresh (F5) the game to access other user profiles if necessary. Cancelling will make you use your default profile. 

The popup box will not appear if the name in the TESTER_ID.txt file is not named after the Master Key.

You can change the master key in the plugin parameter.

This is helpful to eliminate the tedium of upload, reupload, download other people's save files when you can just use a cloud service like Dropbox.

If you want to delete save files, simply look for the Save Files folder on your game's root folder like this:

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