Savior of Radiant Souls


Jul 14, 2012
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(Things are subject to change before final release.)
Commercial Project

Developer : Hiek (Levi Stepp)
Website :

Genre: Action, Adventure, Puzzle

Latest Version : Development

DEMO: Mechanic Test (Coming Soon)

During the First Era, many monsters have walked among Humanity, destroying villages and taking Human lives...
Three Heroes known as the "Saviors" took the task of sealing away the monsters by going on a journey to find out

the cause of the destruction.

The three Saviors later find out the balance between the Elemental Radiant Souls have been separated from the lands.
Thus, the planet has no Mana controlling the Earth, Wind, Heat, and Cold.

The three Saviors did not know why this caused monsters to appear all over the planet, however they did
what they stood up for and searched for the 4 Radiant Souls.

They later find the 4 Radiant Souls and returned the flow of Mana to the Planet causing
all the Monsters to calm down and go back into a peaceful environment or hiding.

Current Day: The Second Era

Millions of years later, the Planet's Mana is beginning to weaken again like once before, only this time

there are no Savior bloodlines remaining.

If the planet's Mana goes out of control again, the world may be rampaged as before.

Our story will take place on the same day as the first Mana weakening outside of the Capital of Asino.

Main Character: (You choose your name.)
This is not a Battle Sprite.

Other Characters, TBA

-At least 12 hours of GAMEPLAY!

-Controller Support
-Simple ABS (Action Battle System): Walk into Enemies and Kill them while taking damage based on Levels.
-No Equips, or Stats other than HP/Levels
-AP System (Action Points): You will need AP to fight enemies, open chests, unlock doors inside dungeons, etc
-Randomized Rogue-like Dungeons
-Perks (TBD)
-NG+ (TBD)

There are no Screenshots yet, but there is a video on a finished animated title screen + main menu.
There will be screenshots soon!

Animated Title Screen + Main Menu

-RPG Maker MV

-Mr. Trivel





-Xbox 360 Free Assets




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