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    I have just written a plugin to scale an image to the size of game screen with/without keeping the ratio. And I have put the script to GitHub over here:

    How to Use :kaopride:
    1. Download the plugin file (from the above link).
    2. Place it in your project's folder, under js/plugins.
    3. Open your project in RPG Maker MV.
    4. Go to Tools > Plugin Manager.
    5. Double-click an empty line to add a new plugin.
    6. Select the plugin from the drop-down list.
    7. Click the "Event" button from the Toolbar
    8. Double-click the tile that you like to edit event
    9. In the Content list of the right-hand side, double-click the line below "Show Picture" of which you would like to scale the image
    10. Select Tab "3", and click "Plugin Command..."
    11. Fill in the text: stretchPictureFullScreen [number,keepRatio] , in which, number is the number of picture to be scaled. And,if you want to keep the image ratio after scaled, fill in 1 or true in keepRatio, otherwise, fill in 0 or false.
    12. Click "OK" to confirm
    Terms of Use :kaothx:
    The above plugin is released under MIT License. And it is free to use, repost, and/or modify, for commercial or non-commercial projects.
    Credit is required as per MIT License.
    A star on GitHub is appreciated but not required.

    Happy RPG Making~! :kaoluv:

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